Our house at Playa Hermosa, Nr. Boca Chica is in the Province of Chiriqui and near the city of David. Most people travel to the David airport from Panama City. You can also get flights to David through Costa Rica.

Flying to Panama City. Tocumen International Airport (PTY) is the main airport in Panama City. Regular flights come in from the USA daily. It is common to get flights through Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles and other major US cities. Once in Panama City you can catch a connecting flight from Albrook (PAC) Airport from 2 different airlines, Air Panama (www.flyairpanama.com) and Aeroplas (www.aeroperlas.com(. They both provide multiple daily flights to DAVID (DAV). Once in David's Enrique Malek Airport, you can rent a car, van or SUV at the airport from any of the major car rental places that are on site.

Transportation in Panama City. Taxis are everywhere and very affordable. There are set rates to go from one location to another. Plan on paying about $35 to go from Tocumen International to Albrook for your connecting flight. Here is a service that you can call to pre-arrange a ride; Panama Airport Shuttle Plenty of taxis are available at either airport to service your needs.

Staying in Panama City is also another great option. There are so many things to do there. The canal, shopping, casinos plus more. Arriving one day and spending time in the evening and then catching the next flight in the morning is another possibility.

Once in David. It is a 50 minute drive out of David to our house at Playa Hermosa.

At David airport you have many different car rentals that you can choose from such as Hertz, National Car rental, Thrifty Car Rental and others. Maps are also available at the David Airport car rental businesses.

David is the third largest city in Panama and the capital of the Chiriqui province. There are major shopping centers, restaurants, hospitals, grocery stores, night clubs, discos,and casinos. A lot of the supermarkets here are open 24 hours such as Rey, Romero and 99. There is also a Pricesmart shop and Conways who have just opened a store here last December. Basically here you can find anything you want.


Our Location from David

•Gated beach front community 50 minuite drive or 45 minute boat ride from David.•
•Located on the Chuchecal Bay in the Province of Chiriqui, Panama’s western most province.
•The nearest village is Horconcitos, 13 miles away.
•Direct access to hundreds of pristine off shore islands and the World famous Hannibal Banks for fishing.
•Located 8 degrees 13 minutes North, 83 degrees 09 minutes West of the prime meridian.
•Tropical Savannah type climate, with temperatures averaging 28 C (82 f). Average rainfall 100 inches annually.
•David (population 120,000) is the second largest city in Panama. It offers modern medical facilities, various state of the art shopping malls, including Price Costco, regional airport, a marina etc.
•Free of hurricane threats.