Panama has a warm, wet, tropical climate. Unlike countries that are farther from the equator, Panama does not experience seasons marked by changes in temperature. Instead, Panama's seasons are divided into Wet and Dry.

The Dry Season generally begins around mid-December, but this may vary by as much 3 to 4 weeks. Around this time, strong northeasterly winds known as “trade winds” begin to blow and little or no rain may fall for many weeks in a row. Daytime air temperatures increase slightly to around 30-31ºC (86-88ºF), but nighttime temperatures remain around 22-23ºC (72-73ºF). Relative humidity drops throughout the season, reaching average values as low as 70%.

During the Rainy Season it is typically sunny in the mornings and the clouds start to build up in the afternoon and then you can have intermittent showers. With the arrival of the rain temperatures cool down a little during the day. We love this time of the year as you can go out walking at 2pm without being too hot as it would be in the dry season. The rain especially on the Pacific coast occurs usually late in the afternoon. In Playa Hermosa we are very lucky as usually we get our showers much later in the day than any other area because we are on the Pacific coast.

We built our house in a year and in the “Wet Season” we only had a few afternoons that were lost in building time and very rare if at all for the whole day to be lost. If you ask anyone when are the wettest months everyone will give you a different answer. We found it to be October one year and November the next.

In Playa Hermosa we found that in the wet season the rain came mostly in the late afternoon allowing for a full day’s activities.