Boca Chica is a short drive away (10 mins) and is very famous area for both shore and deep sea fishing. Fishing trips and island hopping can be arranged here also. There are numerous tropical islands to see which include, Coiba island national parks & The Secas.


FISHING TRIPS: Boca Chica is the premier fishing destination in Central America, it includes Hannibal bank, Islas Montuosa, Isla Coiba, The Secas and Ladrones. .
Offshore fishing in the deep waters near the Hannibal Bank and Isla Montuosa, you will find black marlin, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, blue marlin, blackfin tuna, dorado, sailfish and swordfish that congregate and thrive on these banks.. Fishing is spectacular year-round here, but December to May is probably the best time as this is when most of these species of fish are here together in big numbers.



Our current Champs as of 1st July 2011 are Nancy & Keifer from Mobile, Alabama with a 275 lb Tuna.

This and other catches of our guests is on our picture gallery.
Whatever you feel like doing there will be an expert crew and boat to suit all your requirements and it can be arranged.


KAYAKING A full kayak tour in the estuary near to our property: guide including lunch and drinks would cost $40 per person. If you would like to kayak to an island they would use a boat to get you closer and that would be $50 per kayak (it takes two people and the boat expenses). The trip would be for around 4 hours and this can always be more or less depending on the weather, the level of strength, etc. Two person min


SNORKELING There is also a lot of very good places to go SNORKELING and there are many deserted islands which have very clear water. The local fisherman always know the best places to go for whatever you decide you want to do.


SCUBA DIVING - The Secas are great and a day trip can be arranged.


PRIVATE ISLAND GETAWAYS Trips to deserted beaches on uninhabited islands for the day can be arranged.




HORSE RIDING - This can also be arranged.


BIRDWATCHING - You cannot find a better place in the world to do this then here in Panama. Just by sitting on your terrace you see a huge amount of different beautiful birds and you have in your apartment A GUIDE TO THE BIRDS OF PANAMA so you can straight away find the picture, name and all the details of the different birds. We have had past guests who have said they were looking through the book at some beautiful bird and looked up and there it was.


MEET THE MONKEYS - Have a great day with the Howler Monkeys, bird watching in exotic gardens and woodland trails. Fantastic views.
Only 40 minutes drive away. See Useful links.


SURFING there is a beach about an hour drive from your apartment. It is a long flat beach with gentle waves. Here you are able to hire boogie boards and there are plenty of restaurants and drinking bars around.


STAR GAZING at Lobster Cove, a lot of our guests love looking at the stars as they are so bright, many have said they have seen shooting stars go past the house.


RESTAURANT in the immediate area:-

LOURDES you can see it from your balcony, owner is Arturo and he will open for you day or night.
Large Lobster & Pataconis $8 - Red Snapper & Pataconis $3.50. You can also buy fish off him if you want to cook your own. He will take you round the islands, snorkeling or whatever you want to do.



COFFEE TOURS, ZIP LINE TOURS, WHITE RIVER RAFTING, ORCHID GARDENS for all you Orchid lovers and much more can be found in the guide book in the apartment. so you will not get bored if you have had enough of the beach and pool.


LOOKING FOR A PROPERTY - This is a perfect place as a base to look around the beautiful surrounding area where there is lots of potential. There are local estate agents who we could arrange with them to show you around the different places and give you first hand advice. Also we have lots of tips and information that we can give you ourselves from personal experience.